Foodfestivals this spring

Here it is, that wonderful time of the year when the days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to be a little bit less shy…Spring is in the air!
So get your agenda out, and take some notes, because I’ll tell you where to find some nice foodfestivals around Holland!

Rollende keukens (May 13-17)

The ‘Westergasterrein’ will be transformed into one big gathering of mobile foodstands between the 13th and 17th of May. Expect a big variety of different kinds of drinks and foods.

Location: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.
Entry is free.

Cultifest 2015 (May 14-17)

This indoor multicultural festival hass it all; music, dance, food and various shows. The place to be if you want to (literally) get a taste of different cultures.

Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
Ticket costs 5 euro in pre-sales.

Lepeltje lepeltje (May 22-25)

A market, music, but most of all.. food! Foodstands will be present in big numbers. This festival has a special program for kids.

Location: behind the stadshuis van Amersfoort.
Entry is free.

Raw food festival (14 juni)

The name doesn’t leave much to the imagination, the Raw Food Festival is indeed a, well, raw food festival. Creative, special and delicious treats to be expected.

Location: Boerderij Langerlust, Amsterdam.
Tickets: 9 euro

Viva Las Vega’s (June 29th)

A festival which revolves around vegetarian and environmental-friendly food. Not only will you be able to enjoy some delicious food, there are also some movies and various speakers on the agenda.

Location: Honigfabriek in Nijmegen.
Entry is free, tickets are only needed for the workshops and movies.