5 Fun things to do in (and around) Vancouver

That Vancouver and its surroundings have plenty to offer is a sure thing. Walking around the city, with its many different neighborhoods, will give you enough to see and can definitely keep you busy for a few days.

Next to taking city walks, there are a few other fun things to do in Vancouver. Here is a list of 5 things I particularly enjoyed!

Terra Nova Rural park
If you need a break from the city, try visiting this coastal park and refuel on fresh air and a nice sea breeze. This is such a nice place to take a hike and have a picnic.
Recently an immense wooden playground opened in this park, with a huge tree house, ropes, zip lines and other cool things. Signs indicate that this play area is an ‘off-leash kids’ area, which is a bit of a funny choice of words, but kids sure have all the space to run around and play in this big park.

Public Market on Granville Island
The Public Market on Granville Island, a peninsula which is part of Vancouver, is a market not to be missed. Dozens of food stalls, mainly food, are situated in an indoor market space in what used to be a warehouse. Not only can you find all sorts of local delicacies, you can do some pretty good bargains on fruits and vegetables!


North Vancouver
If you have never taken a sea-bus; this is your chance! Vancouver’s sea-bus, which is actually nothing more than a little ferry, can be taken with the same public transfer card you use on the metro and the bus. After a 15 minute boat ride, starting from the Waterfront Station, you end in North Vancouver. This place is worth checking out for the view you’ll have on the Vancouver skyline. A bonus is the cool playground and playing meadow just at the shore.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park 
The Chinese part of Vancouver is hard to miss, and in some parts of the city you would think you’re actually in a Chinese metropole. Although the best Chinese food is supposedly found in Richmond, Chinatown is great to visit as well. Well worth a visit is the Chinese garden (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen park), which offers an oasis of peace and quiet in the rush of the city.

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Steveston fishing village
Located a 30-minute bus ride away from the city center, Steveston is a small fishing village right at the coast of Lulu Island. From 1871 onwards salmon canning was the mayor industry in this village, which is the reason for Steveston’s nickname: Salmonapolis. Although the salmon canning has been stopped since the 1990s, fishing is still was thrives this town. Another big business here is the whale watching industry; boat trips starting from here will give you a chance to see whales and orca’s. If you stay on the land, you still have a chance to spot some wildlife; we saw two seals swimming by the harbor!
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