Chai Moments

I’m a chai lover. I discovered chai in Nepal, where it was served everywhere. In the smallest shops in the tiniest villages, or just along the roads and even in busses. ‘Chai’ actually is the Hindi word for tea (In Nepal it was called ‘chia’), but is also used for Masala Chai: the spicy, milky tea we all know in the west. In Nepal it was made with black tea, water-buffalo milk, sugar and some spices like cardamom, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.


I still love chai to this day, and it is the main reason to go Starbucks once in a while: I love their chai tea soy latte. If it wouldn’t be loaded with sugar, I would drink it the whole day, it’s that good. I don’t ever make chai myself, because of the hassle, but was curious to try Chai Moments, a brand of Tea India. This tea is a ready made mix; you just open the bag, put the powdery content in a cup and pour some hot water on it. Stir, and you’re done. I thought I’d try it out and review it, in the name of food!

For an instant tea mix, this is actually pretty good! What I like is that you can make it as strong as you want, just put less water for a more concentrated flavor (that’s how I like it!). The sweetness is just perfect for me, it is sweet, but definitely not too sweet.

The Chai Moments come in four different flavors: Massala, Ginger, Milk and Cardamom. Every flavor has its own characteristics.


My favorite of the chais is the Cardamom one. I like is that they didn’t hold back on the spiciness in this one. It has so much flavor! The Ginger one is quite spicy as well, love it! It screams ginger all over. Chai Moments does not use any artificial flavoring, so the spices in the tea are the real deal.

If you are more into mellow tastes, try the milk tea flavor, it doesn’t have any spices. This one is a bit blunt if you ask me. The Masala chai is quite gentle as well, yet has a far more interesting taste than the milk one. It contains cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and black pepper, but it’s not overwhelming. This one would resemble the original (massala) chai from India most, if you look at the ingredients.


Is it totally like the chai I used to drink in Nepal? No. But it has just that comforting taste to it, and heats you up nicely. The only downfall is that this chai (like all chai) contains sugar, which prevents it from becoming my every day drink. But I can definitely see myself sipping this occasionally on some rainy afternoons. And I don’t even need to get myself out of the house to get a Starbucks!

Chai Moments can be found in various supermarkets in the US and in Canada.

Which flavor would you like to try out?

These products have been sent to me. I however value, and only express, honest opinions. I have not been paid in any way for this review.