Bye bye Canada, au revoir Quebec

Our Canadian adventure is over! At least for now, we’ll come back at the end of September. We have all loved it here in Canada; we enjoyed the nature, met some very nice people, saw some great cities and got to try out all kinds of foods. Next part of our trip will be our road trip through the US! We are currently somewhere on the road between Burlington, Vermont, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I’ll soon be writing all about the US adventures (and some Canadian ones I didn’t share yet), but first I’m ending my Canadian journey with a little summary of some facts about our trip so far.

A quick recap of my trip through Canada:

  • Days stayed in Canada: 29
  • Kilometers driven by car in total: 4469 km
  • Lucie got carsick: only once! In fact she loves being in the car now, and even cries sometimes when we have to get out… Slowly turning into a North-American?
  • Average amount of steps taken: 14011 steps per day (counted by JP`s FitBit)
  • Biggest pizza eaten: At Cals in Val-David, Quebec
  • Donuts eaten: 1
  • Favorite meal until now: at Rawlicious (review is coming), especially the key lime pie
  • Spotted animals: raccoons, porcupines (dead unfortunately), chipmunks, beaver, deers
  • Beaver dam seen: 1
  • Playgrounds visited: 1,6 a day
  • Best discovered snack: salted dried seaweed
  • Place Lucie enjoyed most: Sandbanks, Ontario (giant beaches around lake Ontario)
  • Biggest cookie eaten: ginger cookie in Kingston, Ontario
  • Favorite city until now: Montreal. I loved Toronto as well, but I would like to visit again in better weather conditions (we had quite some rain).
  • Highlight so far: Niagara Falls visit
  • Most random event visited: Dragon boat race in Ste.-Margarite-du-lac-Masson, Quebec
  • Best hike: around the Lac des Sable, in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec
  • Scariest moment: finding out I need to practice my hill-start by car while stopping on a hill
  • Unfulfilled quests: I’ve been looking for ‘salmon jerky’ (beef jerky, but in the salmon form) since we arrived, because I heard it’s typically Canadian, but didn’t succeed in finding it anywhere.
  • Best thing about Canada: The space! Nature is always close, and you can actually get lost in the woods without hearing cars somewhere in the back (try that in Holland…). I also love the houses in Quebec; usually from wood, with a nice porch and a well maintained garden. image
    Check the beaver dam in the left corner!
    Check the beaver dam in the left corner!


    We saw this beaver in the crazy clear water of Niagara! Hope he didn`t go to down to the falls...
    We saw this beaver in the crazy clear water of Niagara! Hope he didn`t go to down to the falls…