Oatmeals – NYC

This place is so small that it’s easy to walk past it, but you really shouldn’t if you’re into oatmeal! ‘Oatmeals’, located in Manhattan’s Greenwich village, is worlds first oatmeal-bar. A place that serves more than 30 different kinds of oatmeals and other oathy treats; only in New York you could find a place like this!


I love oatmeal, oatmeal-cookies, oatmeal-granola and basically everything else with oats, so I couldn’t not like this place. I came here already in November last year, and liked the place so much that I had to pop in again for an early breakfast.

The menu offers endless variation, as you can not only pick from about 30 different signature bowls, but also custom make the oatmeal yourself by adding ingredients like fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, cookie crumbs or chocolate. They have 80 toppings to choose from! The basis is always oatmeal, made with your choice of either milk or water.


If you thought oatmeal is supposed to be sweet, you’d be surprised by some of the savoury oatmeals here. Some examples of toppings you can add: bacon, ham, Gorgonzola cheese, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Last time I visited I tried one of the signature bowls that comes with trufffle oil, Parmesan cheese, pepper and salt, and it tasted great! It didn’t have a classic oatmeal feel to it anymore though, and I regret having taken it for breakfast. It makes kind of a heavy dish, so I would recommend taking the savoury ones for lunch or a late afternoon snack.


This time we shared a peanut butter-banana-almond milk oatmeal for breakfast. As you can see on the picture, they didn’t hold back on the peanut butter ;) It was good, but I would get something lighter next time and go for toppings like fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Yum!

The oatmeal pastries are also totally worth looking at. The blueberry-oatmeal muffin (2,75$) is amazing and I secretly would choose this over any oatmeal.


Oatmeals also serves nice coffee (1,75$ for a normal coffee, 3,25$ for a latte). It’s a perfect place to have breakfast, a lunch or even an early dinner! The only downside of this place is the space. However it looks really cute and tiny, sitting here isn’t that comfortable, as there aren’t that many seats and it feels a bit cramped if there are people sitting next to you. If the weather allows, I would recommend getting the food to go.

Prices: The small oatmeal (baby bear) starts at 4,25$, a medium one (mama bear) is 5,25$ and the large one (papa bear) is 6,25$.

Find OatMeals at 120 West 3rd Street, New York